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Aqua Art Miami – Time to Rock the Art AND the Miami Lifestyle!

Aqua originally started out as “just” an art fair that transformed the Aqua Hotel in Miami into a gigantic art-filled exhibit spilling through the first and second floors, as well as into the courtyard, where they serve their famous cocktails. A few years ago, Aqua was bought by Art Miami and thus, “Aqua Art Miami” was born.

MEET: Art Basel Miami Beach: Your Art Basel Miami Beach Primer…

Held every year in the month of December, despite the name, Art Basel Miami Beach doesn’t just appear in Miami.  It also surfaces in Hong Kong and Basel. All-in-all, allowing thousands of artists worldwide to showcase their hard work and dedication in front of the top curators, museums, and collectors around the world.

RBG Reigns Supreme in New Documentary

When was the last time you left a movie with a fire in your belly and the desire to take on the world’s injustices? If it’s been too long to remember – then you need to see RBG, a captivating documentary exploring the life and impact of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.