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RBG - Modern Day Superhero Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG – A Modern Day Female Superhero

March 15, 2018 marked Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s 85th birthday, but RBG seems to continue to be gathering speed and momentum in her already remarkable career.

However, that should be anything but shocking since RBG has rigorously defied the rules of gravity (or at least society) for as long as we can remember.

RBG is a female superhero because of her inexplicable ability to overcome obstacles and pave the way for the advancement of women in society.

Without a doubt, this is a widely shared opinion. Eight year old Michele Threefoot even dressed up as a miniature version of Ginsberg for her school’s Superhero Day.


From a personal standpoint, RBG has always kicked some serious you-know-what. After she was married and became a mother, she decided to go to law school – Harvard Law School. She transferred to Columbia where she graduated as one of two valedictorians.

Both law school and the early years of motherhood carry some challenges. Even more impressive? She was on the Law Review at both Harvard and Cornell. While at Harvard Law School, on the Law Review, and a new mother, RGB (the ultimate superhero) also attended class, took notes and typed up dictated papers for her husband who was fighting testicular cancer. In my book, she proved herself to be superhuman before her professional career even began.

Once Ginsberg graduated she struggled to find a job. It was the early 60’s and surprisingly enough, a young Jewish mother wasn’t the most marketable candidate to many law firms. In fact, one of her professors basically threatened to put an end to a professional relationship if the judge did not grand Ginsberg a clerkship. I’d say that our RBG certainly proved herself a worthy gamble.

A champion of gender equality with an avid pro-choice stance on abortion, Ginsberg has always been aggressive in letting her opinion be known, despite push back that she should maintain a more “objective” profile.

RBG has been at the forefront of many groundbreaking rulings, as well as the author of many thought-out dissenting opinions. However, despite her strong opinions, she is well known for her ability to step across the aisle. This is best shown through her deep friendship with the late Justice Scalia, one of the most conservative Supreme Court Justices in the history of our country. Through this relationship, RBG has been an excellent example to America of how relationships can exist between people with extremely different views, an issue that has become increasingly important in the United States since the 2016 Presidential election.

What has most recently been RBG’s claim-to-fame, is her denouncement of Trump during the 2016 Presidential elections. Ginsberg didn’t bat an eye about telling the world her thoughts on the man that has become a villain to so many.

“He is a faker,” she said of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, going point-by-point, as if presenting a legal brief. “He has no consistency about him. He says whatever comes into his head at the moment. He really has an ego.”

Criticized by some as delving too far into politics for her Supreme Court position, it can also be argued that she is a superwoman of such integrity that she will not suppress her moral beliefs and ideals for anyone or anything, even her job. It is quite possibly this dependability to not be swayed by outside influences that has earned her such great respect and helped her to be appointed a Supreme Court Justice in the first place. RBG is not a reactionary, she is a force. A force that has been building and demanding change and progress continuously for many years.

Currently on a tour around the country, as I’m sure you are aware, RBG is most often greeted by a huge and arduous fan base.

She herself, supposedly has boxes of Notorious RBG t-shirts that she gives to family, friends and talk show hosts. It’s refreshing that she is proud of her accomplishments and not shying away from praise. She has definitely earned it, and it’s pretty awesome to see a woman that’s not afraid to celebrate herself.

True, you don’t hear of many 5’1, eighty-five-year-old female superheroes, but RBG, as always, rises against all odds to conquer and achieve whatever she puts her mind to… (Quick aside – her workout routine is also bringing her additional attention as the world realizes that this famous justice prioritizes physical health and can also do multiple push-ups).

RBG is the kind of leader that will guide us all to push ourselves to greater levels of excellence. RBG demands we achieve “our own best” and accepts nothing less.

Rebecca Williams has been a Creative Director for over 10 years, working and living in DC. She has helped business leaders find their voice and express their mission through visualization – and now she turns inward to express her own. A perfectionist who loves imperfection, Rebecca reaches back to nostalgic imagery where perfection lives in the mind’s eye. Strength, femininity, brilliant colors and pop culture references combine to pull at heartstrings and grab attention. Enabled by her strong work ethic, Rebecca’s art is precise, yet gritty, feminine, yet bold. Her pieces are conceptually and visually interesting because of their juxtaposition and contradiction. Rebecca is tackling her artist career in earnest with unwavering support from her brilliant husband and house full of boys and dogs.

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