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Meet Art Basel Miami Beach art show

MEET: Art Basel Miami Beach: Your Art Basel Miami Beach Primer…

Art Basel Miami Beach art show is literally an art bonanza, hosting amazing artists from around the world with their extraordinary works, since 2002.

Art Basel artists not only bring their paintings of different mediums to the table at this Miami art show, they also bring films, videos, sculptures, drawings, photography, digital art, and installations as well.

Held every year in the month of December, despite the name, Art Basel Miami Beach art show doesn’t just appear in Miami. 

It also surfaces in Hong Kong and Basel. All-in-all, allowing thousands of artists worldwide to showcase their hard work and dedication in front of the top curators, museums, and collectors around the world. Art Basel is so highly-regarded in fact, that it’s well-recognized in the art world as a “best of the best” event that inspires, challenges and entertains artists and art-lovers alike.

This year, Art Basel Miami Beach will host 268 galleries from over 30 different countries.

These artists will flock in from far and wide to be part of the extravagant show to be held at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

The show will be hosting hundreds of galleries including:

  • 303 Gallery (New York)
  • Altman Siegel (San Francisco)
  • Applicat-Prazan (Paris)
  • Gavin Brown’s enterprise (New York and Rome)
  • David Castillo Gallery (Miami Beach)
  • Hauser & Wirth (Zurich, London, Somerset, Los Angeles, New York, and Hong Kong)
  • Kerlin Gallery (Dublin)
  • And many more!

These galleries were selected by the 2018 selection committee, which included:

  • Tim Blum (Blum & Poe)
  • Chantal Crousel (Galerie Chantel Crousel)
  • David Fleiss (Galerie 1900-2000)
  • José Kuri (kurimanzutto)
  • Friedrich Petzel (Petzel)
  • And Mary Sabbatino (Galerie Lelong & Co.)

Clearly, Art Basel 2018 promises to be no less amazing than in previous years.

Yet, if you’re able to tear yourself away from the art show itself, you may also have the opportunity to come in contact with some of the recognized artists out on the town. Art Basel artists, just like the art lovers that attend the show, love to relish in the full experience that Miami has to offer. And Miami does offer some of the hottest places to go – nightlife in which to partake and activities to do – while hanging in this great city.

One not to miss is the Surf Lodge Bungalow—it definitely deserves a reserved place on your “things-to-do list.” The Surf Lodge has previously been home to fashion events, artist shows of its own, and more. It’s so hot in fact that you are almost certain to run into some familiar faces – celebrities – who like to frequent this awesome spot when they’re in town.

PAMM Presents is a very popular museum in Miami. But it’s really much more than that. It’s almost guaranteed to offer a great time with live music, booze, and stunning views. If you want to ensure that you’ll be able to get in, you may want to become a PAMM member. Alternately, simply become a VIP cardholder of the Art Basel Miami Beach for the same benefit.

If you’re not exactly into the party scene, there are other options like exploring the captivating humanKIND murals on Wynwood Walls. New murals are consistently added from artists around the globe. This year’s theme aims to inspire compassion, humanity, and empathy in mankind. Artists will be diligently working on their pieces from November 26 until December 4, when the public will be allowed to see the artists in action. The finished product will be unveiled on December 7.

Another activity you may be interested in is Om This Way, which is a hip-hop yoga class. This event raises money for the Felix Organization and The Irie Foundation.

Whatever your cup of tea may be, if you’re heading in for Art Basel Miami Beach, be sure to consider making your entire excursion a true experience in ways that only Miami Beach can truly offer.

Miami offers a little slice of everything to suit everyone’s taste so be sure to come, enjoy and taste it all!

Rebecca Williams has been a Creative Director for over 10 years, working and living in DC. She has helped business leaders find their voice and express their mission through visualization – and now she turns inward to express her own. A perfectionist who loves imperfection, Rebecca reaches back to nostalgic imagery where perfection lives in the mind’s eye. Strength, femininity, brilliant colors and pop culture references combine to pull at heartstrings and grab attention. Enabled by her strong work ethic, Rebecca’s art is precise, yet gritty, feminine, yet bold. Her pieces are conceptually and visually interesting because of their juxtaposition and contradiction. Rebecca is tackling her artist career in earnest with unwavering support from her brilliant husband and house full of boys and dogs.

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