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Rebecca Williams

Rebecca Williams Feminist Art Original Artist

Meet Rebecca Williams

As a mixed-media artist, I find strength and inspiration in art that features prominent figures who have helped shape the world around us. My art is an opportunity to draw these figures closer to me through the visual depiction and exploration of their lives. Inspired by Andy Warhol, Picasso, Shepard Fairey and Ashley Longshore, I seek to embolden the primary subject, while embedding hidden stories and narratives, even humor, as the backdrop.

My work ranges from World War II heroes, feminists throughout history, nostalgic figures from my youth, modern interpretations of pin-up girls, to US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Through screen-printing, collage, painting, and color application, the composition is intended to draw in the viewer as co-author and witness, create new and unpredictable cycles of thoughts and associations, and inform through multi-dimensional storytelling. Strength, femininity, brilliant colors, and pop culture references combine to pull at heartstrings and grab attention.

I approach my art through a lens of curiosity about culture, technology and information design. Falling into the internet, wandering through used book stores and seeking out shops of curiosities, I intently research my subject, while remaining open to finding fresh connections to make the viewer draw new conclusions on the figure’s modern-day relevance and impact. I use my art to narrate social, cultural, and womens’ stories so that I may inspire others to pay it forward.

My art is either one-of-a-kind or offered in limited editions, on either wood or direct installation application. I also am honored to do commissioned work and I revel at the opportunity to explore the unsung heroes delivering goodness in the world today.



5 Block, Washington, DC
Superfine!, Washington, DC
Clio, New York, NY
Compass, Washington, DC
Adams Morgan Street Art Installation, Washington, DC
Notre Dame Commissions, South Bend, IN
SCOTUS Commission, Washington, DC


Aqua, Miami Beach, FL


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